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Boarding Kennel
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Boarding Kennel

· Family owned and operated.
· Owners reside on the property, 24 hours presence on property.
· Located only 10 minutes from Fredericton’s North side.
· Co-Owner and operator, Carola Adams is a Veterinary Technician with 13 yrs of experience.
· Co-Owner and operator, Rick Adams is a certified Pet Groomer with over 10 years of experience.
· Pets requiring “special needs medical care” are welcome and easily accommodated.
· Playtime and walks available.
· Medications can easily be continued while staying with us.
· No hired staff, so your pets always see the same persons.
· Air conditioned in summertime.
· Heated in wintertime.
· A radio plays relaxing music all day and night.
· Safe and secure fencing all around the building.
· Quiet area available.
· Spacious indoor/outdoor runs.
· Exercise yards available.
. Kitty Room separate from the dog area's
· Clean Blankets and Beds available.
· Lots of Love and Attention!

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